Ohlrichs / Felt Farms Annual Bull Sale
1:00 PM Saturday, February 6, 2016
at OHL Ranch Norfolk, NE on HWY 275

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Ohlrichs Bull Battery

Ice Chest x Black Impact
DOB: Feb. 2004     BW: 83 lbs
3/4 Blood Maine-Anjou    AMAA 334971
Open Bar is a proven PHA FREE / TH FREE AI sire
Open Bar bulls averaged $4,156 in the recent
Ohlrichs/Went Bull & Female Sale

Whiplash x FA Rose 925
DOB: 3/30/08     BW: 103 lbs     AWW: 800 lbs
AYW: 1400 lbs     Actual Weight 2/3/09: 1200 lb
ASA #: Pending     PHA FREE    TH FREE     AM FREE
Semen $25
This outstanding Whiplash son combines the genetics of Meyer 734, Saugahatchee, Cunia, EXT and Stockman in a soft, sound, youthful package making him a must use female sire for 2009.
Start a
chain reaction in your herd!

Ali x WAG Hairietta
DOB: 2/22, 2008     BW: 85 lbs
TH FREE     PHA FREE     Reg. ChiMaine & Mainteainer
Semen: $20/unit
Sired by the popular Ali and out of the legendary WAG Hairietta. This pedigree alone will add value to your herd. Full brother to Discovery and Breath Easy.

GEF Open Bar x Pohlmans Barbara 2557
Black / Polled / MaineTainer
EPD's: BW: 3.3   WW: 36.2   YW: 84.6   M: 18.2   M&G: 36.2
Semen: $25/unit
Loaded with maternal Power - look to Trademark for outstanding MaineTainer genetics!


Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs
Norfolk, Nebraska
H: 402-371-0695   C: 402-649-5804

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